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Image by Olga Thelavart

Higher plain

Vice Beats, DUSTY-I, DJ JabbaThaKut

Higher Plain-min.gif

Returning after the highly successful release of the official J Dilla tribute “That Love” on Dilla’s Vintage Vibez Music Group / EQ Music, Vice beats begins an ongoing series of singles called Open Return.

The series combines the producer’s love of production and travel, exploring varying cultures through music. Each release features artists from different countries, covering the spectrum of hip hop and soul.

Journey number 1 is entitled “Higher Plain”, featuring the super talented Japanese lyricist Dusty-I, who reflects on making the most of life, ascending to the highest level and staying clear on goals. Alongside Dusty-I is a regular collaborator Jabbathakut, one of the UK’s finest scratch DJs who adds his signature flavour, bringing a cloud step aspect to the narrative.

The jazz flute driven track began life on Vice beats birthday (he makes a beat every year on his birthday!) and took 2 years to pull the various aspects of the track together.

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