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Vice beats awarded MOBO Help Musicians funding

Vice beats is among the latest (October 22) group of musicians to be selected for the Help Musicians MOBO Fund. A prestigious fund that involves a panel of some of Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, RNB etc. most respected contributors. The funding will support the completion and promotion of VB's forthcoming album - Aspects.

As part of the award, Vice beats will receive a grant, tailored business advice sessions with music industry professionals coordinated by ThinkMusic, and a health consultation with the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM).

As a huge fan of the MOBO Awards from a young age, this is an amazing opportunity and grounding moment to be recognised by one of the world's most respected ambassadors for Hip Hop.

Find out more about the fund below:

Help Musicians

  • Twitter/ Instagram: @helpmusicians

  • Facebook: @HelpMusiciansUK


  • Twitter/Instagram: @MOBOAwards

  • Facebook: @MOBOofficial

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